Shakti - Selene                                                       
Shakti Selene began her middle eastern dance career in Chicago after she studied at The Goodman School of Dance and Theatre. Her study, performance and entertainment skills have taken her all over the world.  Her passion for the dance has led her to perform anywhere from cruise ships, to Greece, Cairo, India and Turkey.  She has taught in her dance studio in Istanbul Turkey, Creative Spark in Mt. Pleasant SC and the Habibbi Studio in Charleston, SC.  Currently she directs and choreographs for AncientEchoes which she is a founding memember.  She has studied with master teachers to perfect her skills in the diversity of the dance.  Shakti has led tribal seminars in Singapore, Istanbul, Asheville, NC, Charleston SC and Florida.   She also created and developed a middle eastern dance certification program which she taught in Instanbul being of Moravian descent her attraction for Gypsy tribal comes natural even though she is best known for her caberet performed in her bellygrams,haflas and fundraisers.

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Isis has been bellydancing for 8 years. She grew up around her moms dance studio in New York. She began to dance after a trip to Egypt. Her musical choice is Tarkan and Medzeke. Her favorite props are golden wings and cane.


Melina began exploring Middle Eastern dance in Chattanooga TN. She has been with Ancient Echoes since she returned to her native Charleston in 2005. Her style
favors the more expressive Turkish and Lebanese forms of belly dance as well as American tribal-fusion. She enjoys exploring new facets of dance, music, unique choreography, props and costume design to draw all the elements together to invoke emotions and tell stories through the dance and to engage the audience so they become part of the experience.



She started dancing at a bellydance studio on King Street in 2003. After 6 years of studying on her own, she joined the troupe in March, '09. Her cabaret style has been seen in restaurants, weddings, and local venues. Her favorite props are the veil, fire, and sword.  In the past, she has studied ballet, tap, and ballroom dancing.










She first studied Middle Eastern dance in El-Gouna, Egypt. She took lessons at Creative Spark and joined the troupe in 2008. Her favorite styles of dance are Turkish, Gypsy, and Tribal Fusion.

Her favorite prop is the voi. Her travels around the world have led her to a greater understanding and appreciation of culture in the mid-east. 

Her latest trip to Spain and Morrocco have influenced the troup andulusian vison and choreography.







Braith was inspired to learn bellydance when she saw a sword performance at her friend's wedding. She joined the troupe in 2006. Over the years, she has performed many times at our Arab cafes and haflas. She loves to dance and express her creativity with silk veils. She performs Cabaret, American Tribal style, and Turkish Gypsy. She puts fire in all of her dances.

Selima Dara Philana her name means peaceful, compassionate and lover of mankind: Her smile is an expression of this when she performs. Her first experience dancing was with Bollywood style which she performed at her own wedding. Her natural moves and attraction to ink has made her favorite style of bellydance ATS. She has taught yoga for many years and is a massage therapist. Her hips are happy moving to improv, drumbeats, and the Goddess within.