In Egypt, three main forms of the traditional dance are associated with belly dance: '''Baladi/Beledi''', '''Sha'abi''' and '''Sharqi'''.
Baladi is a folk style of dance from the Arab Tribes who settled in Upper Egypt.
Sharqi is based on the baladi style but was further developed by Samia Gamal, Tahiya Karioka], Naima Akef, and other dancers who rose to fame during the golden years of the Egyptian film industry. Though the basic movements of Raqs Sharqi like many dance forms continue to evolve, however in Egypt belly dancers are not well regarded and a "respectable" woman would not do it in a night club but would be honored to dance at a wedding. Most belly dancers performing for tourists in Egypt today are foreigners.
Dancers are not allowed to do any floor work as seen in Turkish style.  
The art of traditional Egyptian dance is in danger of being lost due to cultural changes not allowing the performance of the dance.

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